Irony bypassed

I hesitate to write about about my own article, but feel I must share some feedback I received on "Secrets of better literacy lie hidden in the heart of Royal Berkshire" (TES, November 14).

The piece was a spoof diary on the National Year of Reading, in which Reading is the Berkshire town, not activity with books. The day after publication, I had an email from the National Year of Reading team telling me how impressed they were with the work my school was doing and asking me to contribute ideas from the article to its website. In particular, they were keen on the activities based on the screenplay Four Readings and a Funeral that my school was working on.

For 24 hours, I really thought they were joking, until the next day I received another email to say: "We did skim read your article and didn't pick up on the satire straight away." I do wonder how the team was selected, and can't help but enjoy the irony.

Colin Dowland, Headteacher of a north London junior school.

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