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Irrelevant Christianity

I asked a group of our older, more able children which lessons they enjoyed and which they did not. None of the children particularly enjoyed RE and they felt that they should spend less time learning about religion. One of the group disagreed since he thought that it was important to learn about religions so that you could understand other cultures. However, what he could not understand was why they had to learn about Christianity every year. After all they only studied other religions once. The rest of the group thought about this and agreed that they should learn about other religions but they did not feel that they should study Christianity every year. They wanted to know why we spent so much time on Christianity.

No one in the group was religious and it was obvious that Christianity had no more direct relevance to them than any other religion. I could not think of a reply for this group. Has anyone any suggestions on what I could have said to them?

S C Jenkins Headteacher Eyrescroft primary school Bretton, Peterborough

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