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Isle carnival celebrates world

This summer Ryde High School Language College on the Isle of Wight ran its Macromondo week. We give an entire week over to the theme of carnival in the curriculum. The theme this year was "Strangers". Students and staff examined global issues such as invasion, separation and diaspora.

Some 700 students in Years 9, 10 and 12 worked together on a variety of related activities.

"Different places, different faces" linked up with schools around the world, exchanging views and ideas; "I came, I saw, I conga-ed" took a look at the Roman invasion; "Space, the Final Frontier" created a model solar system; "Strange Dreams" saw students exploring life under the sea. In Carnival Mas Camp, a large team created more than 100 superb costumes on the Strangers theme and four puppets, 4.5 metres tall, were displayed in the Ryde Festival parade in July. Under the linked Comenius project, Italian and Romanian students and staff also participated, lending a truly global element to this prestigious event.

The project has raised student self-esteem, increased participation, explored individual identities, integrated an international dimension to learning through the arts, highlighted global citizenship and environmental issues and strengthened community links.

All at Ryde High School Language College, Isle of Wight Macromondo as a learning tool: Email:

Comenius - European Cooperation on School Education:

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