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It ain't easy being green

Pupils at Dunraven School in Streatham, south London, are used to unusual innovations by the management team. Last year, the school's facilities manager brought in an army of worms to eat through the school's food waste and thus put off an infestation of rats.

The latest grand design to be unveiled is the new school sports hall, which has been built using recycled shipping containers. "I was confused when they brought in these big metal containers," said one pupil, "but I was gob-smacked when I went in - it's beautiful."

After the initial foundations went down, the three-storey sports hall was built in two weeks. "The idea was in response to our pupils' desire to build a sustainable environment," says David Boyle, the principal. "The construction costs were half that of conventional buildings of the same size so we were able to spend more inside."

The sports hall has an audience viewing gallery and it is hoped that it can be used for further development in the future. Every part of the outside has been used before to carry cargo. "It's as green as it can be," says Mr Boyle.

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