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It could be you ...;Diary

fORGET the National Lottery - the Diary has found an even better way to get rich quick. It's called the Teachers' Oscars.

Lord Puttnam's pet project has so far attracted just 1,000 nominations. That may sound a lot but with 15 categories and 32 national finalists to select, it means nominees stand an impressive one-in-31 chance of picking up a pound;10k cash prize for their school.

Odds on one of the eight top prizes of pound;20,000 are a slightly longer 125 to one but hey, it could still be you. The odds are probably better than bidding for a DFEE grant, too.

As a bonus, there's a seven to one chance of a plug on TV - the BBC will be covering the 10 regional award events. That's 150 local winners, folks.

The deadline for the prestigious competition has already been extended - not, heaven forfend, because of a lack of entries, organisers say, but because schools complained they hadn't had time to enter.

The bad news: the new closing date is Sunday.

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