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It could have been us, but wasn't;Letter

In the article "Take the little urchins to tusk" (a reference to the Horniman Museum), mention is made of a pound;5 million extension to the Ragged School being partly funded from National Lottery money (TES, February 6). This, sadly, is not the case.

We are a small independent charity with loyal supporters, but there is no way that we have received money from the National Lottery. Our recent largest grant was made by the British House Estate Fund, which gave us pound;24,000 for vital alterations to the building to enable wheelchair access and a toilet suitable for people using wheelchairs. Thus we need more support to continue to improve other facilities and pound;5m would do nicely, thank you. Is anyone interested?


Manager Ragged School Museum Trust 46-50 Copperfield Road, London E3

Editor: apologies for mixing up paragraphs in this piece. The information related to the Geffrye Museum, not the Ragged School.

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