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It doesn't suit you, Sir

I have spent hours scouring the internet trying to buy my 14-year-old son a blazer. He is 6ft tall and has a 34in chest. Unfortunately, the average chest size for a boy his height seems to be 40in. His first blazer swamped him.

As a primary school teacher, and having witnessed the competition that can ensue on non-uniform days, I agree with school uniform and believe it is good for pupils. But I feel that parents of children who are different from the national average are penalised.

The government is keen to promote healthy lifestyles, but where does that leave the purchaser of school clothing when you have attempted to keep your children healthy and if their genetic make-up dictates that they are tall and slim?

I don't want to start buying men's suit jackets that are dry-clean only and I have found that slimmer sizes are out of stock for the more affordable ranges. This is surely something that many of us experience. Can anyone offer advice? School uniform manufacturers should also bear in mind that they could make money by offering a selection of width fittings across the height ranges.

Sheena Cook.

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