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Is it OK to be vague?

Q: I left my NQT post after one term on induction. I passed, but didn't do particularly well. I had some support but I began to lose confidence in my ability to teach. After my last observation I had "the talk" from my mentor and the headteacher where they told me to consider my options. I left the following week, but on good terms, and we agreed that it was just the wrong school for me. The support I received was my mentor coming in and taking over my class to free up my time to do other things. Looking back it was a very demoralising experience. I have since been supply teaching, and I'm really enjoying it. I've started to apply for permanent posts, but I'm unsure what to put on my application when it asks reasons for leaving. Is it OK to put "for personal reasons"?

A: You need to give brief and accurate information on your application form and be prepared to answer questions at interview showing that you're reflective about why things went wrong and what you've learned that makes you a better, stronger teacher.

Be utterly professional; don't blame others or come across as unreflective.

And don't whinge. Bear in mind that most heads who are interested in you will ring your old head and get the low-down on you.

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