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It's all go for jobs in Falkirk

Teaching vacancies in Falkirk are at an all-time low, the authority has claimed, thanks in part to the authority's "Go Teach" advertising campaign.

The council said that while national figures indicated well over 1,100 posts remain unfilled in Scottish schools against 790 last year, a rise of 47 per cent, Falkirk has managed to reduce substantially its shortage of teachers.

While 20 secondary posts were unfilled in August 2004, that was reduced to only two by the start of the current session in August, following a variety of initiatives.

Primary schools have also seen a drop in the number of vacancies, with 25 posts needing to be filled in 2004, reduced to just 14 in 2005.

Probationer teachers have also swelled in numbers this year, with 49 joining secondary schools in Falkirk and 46 joining primaries, against 21 for secondary schools in 2004 and 32 for primaries.

The success has been attributed to many different factors, including the "Go Teach" campaign, using new styles that promote the benefits of working and living in the Falkirk area, targeting returners to teaching, and active recruitment of probationers, plus a more integrated workforce planning strategy that allows more careful monitoring of vacancies.

Future plans include visits to teacher education institutions to talk to students before they make their choice of school, as well as career fairs in schools to promote the teaching profession.

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