It's the bob a job election as CBI goes deeply dyb-e

INDUSTRY bosses are inadvertently adopting the Dyb, dyb, dyb . . . dob, dob, dob routines of the Scouts in backing the value of education and lifelong learning in their agenda for the Scottish Parliament elections in May.

The manifesto of the CBI Scotland unequivocally states that education is the most important power held by the Parliament and that MSPs will help determine the quality of economic and social life for decades to come.

But the values that today's bosses are demanding turn out to be remarkably familiar to old Scouting hands.

Where Scout leaders urge their charges to be prepared and do their best, industry bosses want people skills which equip young people for enterprise and work, or to be up for the job.

Scouts want pack members to think of others before themselves and do a good turn every day, while bosses want values such as "honesty, personal integrity and a regard for others".

In a turbulent labour market, bosses are pressing for strong core skills of communication, numeracy and IT.

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