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It's good to sing?

The mantle of ADES leadership now falls on the veteran shoulders of John Mulgrew OBE, the East Ayrshire director with the political nous extraordinaire.

He got off to an excellent start, meeting a rebuff as he tried to enter the karaoke session being orchestrated by BT. Mulgrew must have a word with BT's Andy Torrance, who happens to be the parent representative on East Ayrshire's education committee.

BT was not the only distinguished presence in the Dunblane Hydro: the Celtic football squad spent the Friday night thre for team-building purposes, clearly a particularly successful outing since they went on to thrash Dunfermline 3-1 the next day. They were only spotted on the Saturday morning since, unlike directors of education, footballers have to be tucked up in bed early.

Their presence naturally caused a flurry of excitement among ADES members, who became diverted trying to spot some famous sporting faces. "Don't worry," quipped one wag, "the Celtic team are probably spending their time trying to spot members of ADES."

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