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It's never too late to get it right

Labour's plans to reform the secondary curriculum ("Labour plans to drop GCSEs - and save schools millions", 5 October), are described as "forward thinking" and "brave" by union leader Mary Bousted. Meanwhile, some have expressed the fear that Michael Gove will railroad through his reforms.

Heads will remember that after the last primary curriculum review organised by Labour (the Rose review), everything was ready to go in September 2010. But they were subsequently told to bin all the materials and put changes on hold. I am sure that many heads reluctantly followed orders, hearts sinking at the waste of time, money and expertise. So with this in mind I urge Labour to be brave, stick to your principles, listen to the experts and remember - it's never too late to do the right thing.

Carol Machell, Retired Liverpool headteacher, West Yorkshire.

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