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It's OK for teachers to have favourites

Preferring one pupil over another may be anathema to some, but according to one teacher it’s ok to have class favourites.

Writing in this week’s TES, Kate Townshend says teachers will inevitably find they have a closer bond with some of their pupils than with others. And in the same vein, despite all their efforts, teachers may struggle to connect with some of their class, and that’s ok too, she believes.

But while it’s fine to like some children you teach more than others, she says it is not OK to treat them differently as a result. Acknowledging your real feelings about a child is the first step towards ensuring you treat them all the same, she says.

“Being honest with yourself about the way you feel about the children you teach can actually help you to relate to them better,” writes Ms Townshend, a teacher based in Cheltenham.

“Recognising that you are struggling to connect with a child can enable you to take the extra steps to ensure they feel valued and protected.”

Even when you don’t feel particularly fond of a child, being able to fake a positive attitude towards them can help bring out the best in them, and could end with you actually liking them for real, she adds.

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