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It's the rich clubs that get the cash;Letter

THE PLAYING for Success scheme ("The lads and lasses done good" TES October 1) is an initiative which seems to be reaping rewards. However it is unfortunate that the scheme is only currently open to Premier and first division clubs.

Considering the huge amounts of money already available to top flight clubs such as Liverpool, Leeds United and West Ham, I would have thought that the likes of Plymouth, Darlington and Carlisle would have been just as worthy recipients of additional funds for raising standards in this way.

My own team, Peterborough United, currently in the third division, does not qualify for Playing for Success.

However I'm sure that our players, now realising that increased effort over the next couple of years will lead to qualification for the scheme, will try even harder.

In the meantime teachers like myself in towns and cities unable to benefit from the scheme will continue to engage and re-engage pupils for whom inclusion and re-integration is vital if they are to succeed.

After all, as the numeracy training points out, it's a game of two halves. We'll continue to try 110 per cent.

Toby Wood

40 Newark Avenue, Peterborough

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