It's time to boo state school sneers

I was absolutely incensed by "Matinee melee made Othello into farce" (4 November). Lucinda McKee seems to be insinuating that her "privileged" students know how to behave at the theatre, yet we commoners from the state sector need to do something about our students.

I work in a secondary school that regularly organises theatre trips to London. The students do know how to behave. Ms McKee has not considered the reasons for this one bad experience in Sheffield. It was not caused by a lack of effort by teaching staff, but by a few kids who decided not to engage with the performance and were not familiar enough with the text to be ready for the lines that caused hilarity.

She is making a huge judgment against other schools from one experience.

Helen Hunt, Drama teacher, De Warenne Academy, Doncaster.

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