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I've seen the future, and it's bureaucratic

I was going through paperwork at the end of term, as you do, when I had a visionary experience.

My deputy has done 40 years in the school. I have a newly-qualified teacher who has done two terms. The deputy's file is slim and manageable; the two terms for the new teacher include an entry file, termly reports from self and adviser, application form, references, lesson observations. In two terms at least twice as much as the deputy's.

I have this vision of the future: paper, more paper, files, more files. Who said the computer age would do away with all of this?

If the NQT spends 40 years at the school and becomes the deputy head what will be the size of his file?

Jack Cornall

Head, St Mary's Bluecoat primary, Bridgnorth

11 South Hermitage, Belle Vue Shrewsbury, Shropshire

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