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Jack's goat

Puzzles to test mathematical skills, set by Anita Straker. Solutions below. More brainteasers on

Jack bought a goat.

He expected to sell it at a price that would give him a 10% profit on his purchase.

However, he had to sell it for pound;50 less than he expected, which was a loss of 15% on what it cost him.

What did Jack pay for the goat?

SOLUTIONS Jack's goat: (ages 11 to 16): Jack paid pound;200 for the goat. Assume the cost of the goat is Pounds G. The expected selling price is 110G100. The actual selling price, which is 85G100, or 85% of the price Jack paid, is pound;50 less than the expected selling price. So 110G100 - 50 = 85G100.

Solving this equation gives the cost of the goat as pound;200.

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