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Jane Stokes

Jane Stokes is the lollipop lady at Corsham primary school in Wiltshire who does the crossing patrol twice daily, come rain or shine.

She never misses a day and makes a difference with a wave and a smile to drivers and to everyone crossing the busy B3353 road outside the gates.

Incredibly, Jane seems to know everyone's names - there are 420 children at this 4-11 primary - the names of their parents and even the names of their dogs. Parent Katrina Logut, who nominated Jane for our flowers, champagne and chocolates, reckons that this ever-cheerful woman has as many as 80 canine friends wanting to cross with their owners.

Safety comes first with Jane, but Mrs Logut says her devotion to duty is selfless. "I'm sure she would throw herself in front of a car to prevent it from hitting a child." Take it easy, Jane.

Tell us about the hero in your school. Contact Sarah Bayliss, Friday's editor. Flowers kindly supplied by Marks and Spencer

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