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Jo Williams, head of Wilson's CE primary school in Carnforth, Lancashire, gets ICT-empowered

Course Strategic Leadership in ICT.

Provider National College for School Leadership (

Venue Swallow Hotel, Gateshead. January 2003. Three-day course, with one-day follow-up.

Cost pound;350. Paid for by the school. Actual cost is around pound;500 but subsidised by NCSL. (Independent schools must pay full price.) How did you find out about it?

Information sent by the NCSL.

Why go?

I was already clued up about ICT, but you can't be complacent. It's a changing world and I wanted our school to be at the forefront of things.

What did it promise?

A chance for headteachers to reflect on current practice and to formulate a vision for the future.

Did it deliver?

Yes. The focus was on strategic leadership which you can apply to other areas, not just to ICT.

Highs and lows

Forty heads sharing good practice, not just during the course but afterwards through online forums and hot seats. We had an excellent day visiting schools to see what they were doing. The drawback with a three-day course is that there's an awful lot to take on board.

Message, motto or mantra

There's no blueprint for using ICT - it's a personal journey for each school.

Best advice

Sometimes pen and paper is best.

Has it made a difference?

Absolutely. We now have shared vision from top to bottom. We have appointed an "ICT governor" and involved parents in fundraising. And every member of staff is offered ICT training, not just the teachers.

Coming your way?

Courses around the country, details on the website. Currently aimed at primary schools, but a new course is being developed for secondaries.


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