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Head for a Buddhist primary

Are you in touch with your inner self? Do you possess a calm awareness of the world's essential impermanence? How is your Sanskrit?

Britain's only Buddhist primary school is looking for a teaching head. The Dharma School in Brighton caters for 70 children aged three to 11. It is looking for an experienced teacher with management experience to take the school forward.

Saffron robes and shaven heads are not the school uniform. In fact, not all the children come from Buddhist families. But they do meditate every day.

"We don't teach the doctrine of the Buddhist scriptures," says administrator Susie Negus. "It's more an attitude of mind that we want to get across."

Children are encouraged to develop as independent learners," says the school's brochure, with the curriculum seen as an integrated whole.

The Dharma School is independent, with fees set at pound;3,000 a year. That does not leave a great deal for salaries, but the school is prepared to pay pound;20,000 for a teaching head. Apart from what is presumably a calm atmosphere, the attractions are small classes, the freedom to pick and choose from the national curriculum and committed and supportive parents.

Non-Buddhists are welcome to apply for the post. "We'd be happy to talk to a vegetarian with a calm and reflective approach to life," says Ms Negus.

You can fax Ms Negus at the school on 01273 556580.

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