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A most irregular column brought back by popular demand

A most irregular column brought back by popular demand

- Word reached us belatedly of the imaginative marketing ploy by Stow College in the February issue of Glasgow, the city council magazine. An advert on the back boasted the headline "Make a date with Stow College", cashing in on the timely Valentine's Day theme. Perhaps it went a little too far, using a heart-shaped image carrying pictures of young people, and the line: "If you are looking for a fulfilling relationship . Stow College wants to hear from you. Apply now. We will give you a date." Exactly how many people replied we'll never know. It must be the first recorded use of romance and sex to sell a Scottish FE college to would-be students.

- An interesting conversation was overheard with one young student at another Glasgow establishment who was standing for Labour at his school hustings (a bit more timely, Ed). One of his classmates had designed the poster for Labour - the only tourble (surely not?) was she had dyslexia and it read "Vote Labor". The young politico wasn't too amused when it was pointed out that one of his party's policies was to raise literacy levels.

- Another proposal has just arrived for our Name Calling competition, to christen the new body due in July from the union of HMIE and Learning and Teaching Scotland - "Scottish Education: Priority Treatment of Inspection Criteria". SEPTIC would, suggests our births and marriages correspondent, tilt the balance in favour of qualities for which Scottish education is renowned: rigorous, firm, nationally applied, quality management and educational standards that bear witness to our enthusiasm for excellence.

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