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Jotter - Combing the past

Williamwood High heidie John Fitzpatrick was alarmed to find that the time capsule, seemingly inserted for all time in the school's wall when it opened two years ago, didn't contain any great number of memorable artefacts.

"We had to remove it for maintenance purposes," he explained, "and when we opened it, all that was there was a comb belonging to deputy head Sandy Hannah, who's famous for combing his hair and carries a comb in each pocket. We're planning to restock it before positioning it and, yes, Sandy's comb will be going back in as a significant piece of Williamwood for future generations to wonder at."

Two-combs Hannah is chuffed by being immortalised, but sources at Williamwood tell us that he won't let the fame go to his head.

Making an a*** of the 3Rs

It took STV to demonstrate some of the shortcomings in Scottish education when it reported on HMIE's state of the nation review. A graphic on the Scotland Today news programme told viewers that one of the areas for concern was "The 3R's". The inspectors must have a point after all.

Speaking of which, we are delighted to report that HMIE is maintaining the high standards it expects of others. Recipients of the Improving Scottish Education report were puzzled to receive a second copy - and noted the explanation that the quality of the pictures in the first was not good enough.

Clearly, a self-evaluation exercise had taken place deep inside Livingston HQ in order to establish "How Good Is Our Photography?" - and, of course, to plan next steps.

Oh Carol

We know that many headteachers are not natural number-crunchers - but some cannot, er, af-Ford not to be. Carol Ford, the new president of School Leaders Scotland, is not only a mathematician to trade but, she announced in her Who's Who entry in the SLS journal, she is married to an academic statistician - "not necessarily a fate worse than death, but close", she added cheerfully.

Moderating influence

Talking of Kilmarnock Academy (which we were - Carol Ford is its heidie), it is a little-known fact that the Reverend Bill Hewitt, the new moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, is the third Killie old boy in 10 years to make that ascension. Inspiring careers guidance, or just divine intervention?

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