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The Journey for Kids

The Journey for Kids: liberating your child's shining potential. By Brandon Bays. Element (HarperCollins) pound;9.99

Brandon Bays, author of The Journey, a pop psychology book for adults about holistic healing, now turns her attention to the emotional and physical ills of children. She believes that many illnesses have emotional causes.

"It's possible that sometimes we create an internal environment, a consciousness that is an 'invitation' to get sick," she says.

She may be right. We all know what "feeling run-down" is like. She goes on to talk about the importance of the emotions in helping children who are beset by problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Again, anyone who worries about the over-medication of troubled children will go some way with her.

Her method is based on "The Journey", which she describes as "a tool for liberation, a process for awakening, work that guides you deep into your soul and clears out all the limiting patterns. It opens you into the infinite, the boundless presence of love that is your own shining potential."

The section that tells you how to deliver this to children includes statements such as: "Now imagine receiving four really beautiful bright balloons filled with wonderful qualities... The first balloon is filled with relaxation and peace..." There are plenty of enthusiasts for the approach, including some teachers. Others will find it difficult to accommodate in their own professional and philosophical armoury. Read and decide.

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