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Judgment is all

THE SAGA of Section 28 has been full of political posturing from the start. It began as a furore over promoting homosexuality to schoolchildren - part of the 1980s panic over "loony left" councils - and fuel was added to the flames by the discovery of the infamous Jenny lives with Eric and Martin, though there was no evidence this book had ever been seen in a school.

As a result, a law was passed which tarnished Britain's international reputation for civil liberties while creating confusion in the clasroom - since school governors (who decide what should be taught in sex education) were not covered by it, and nor were teachers themselves.

After Monday's vote in the House of Lords we look like ending up with the worst of both worlds - Section 28 still in place, plus more restrictive guidelines for sex education.

Teachers and governors alike should simply continue to exercise their good judgment as to what is appropriate for the young people in their school - as they have always done.

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