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Junior summits

Sunday will bring the opening of the three-day junior summit in Edinburgh, where two Scottish school teams - from Wallace High in Stirling and Waid Academy in Anstruther, Fife - five school teams from England and one from Northern Ireland, who won the J8 competiton organised by the DfES and Morgan Stanley, will discuss issues such as international development, trade, climate change and health and draw up a formal J8 communique that will be sent to the G8 leaders at Gleneagles.

To be selected for the summit, UK secondary schools had to draw up their own G8-style communique on issues surrounding Africa and climate change.

Meanwhile, young people from the G8 and several African nations will gather in Dunblane for the C8 children's forum organised by Unicef to hold similar discussions and compile a manifesto of issues for the G8 leaders to concider.

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