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Junior tests are a moral outrage

LIKE many others I was appalled to read the article "Crammed full of worries" (TES, May 24).

What are we doing to pupils to put them under the strain of these tests, especially in light of the research from Durham on the effectiveness of the key stage 2 tests?

As an ex-secondary teacher, now lecturer in education at the Open University, I was used to the stress of pupils taking their GCSEs, which at least had some purpose, but to drive pupils to the levels of worry and anxiety reported in your article is disgusting and a moral outrage.

As ever, the response from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority is "there is no evidence". A not-so-subtle difference from the "I'm right, you're wrong. I'm big, you're small" response of Matilda's dad in Roald Dahl's novel.

What will be the long-term effect of our test culture on the concept of the love of learning that we wish to inspire?

Paul Hopkins

Lecturer in education

The Open University

Milton Keynes

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