Juniors mix it large in the studio

Helen Ward

A London primary school is learning to mix it, with a 16-track digital recording studio that will put all its pupils' compositions on CD.

The pound;12,000 studio at 450-pupil Lea Valley, opened this week by Nineties heart-throb Peter Andre, was financed by the Gifted and Talented Fund of the Tottenham Education Action Zone.

Headteacher Andy Nicholas said: "We have a whole room dedicated to music, which doubles up as the recording studio. Children can use it to record music on to a CD. At the moment we have six composing clubs of about four children each, who meet after school and during lunchtimes.

"There is also a choir of 80 children. And the aim is for every class to have their own song, produced by the class and recorded on to CD for them to use in assembly."

Peter Andre, 28, a friend of Mr Nicholas, had seven UK top 10 hits between 1996 and 1998. He said: "It is such a fantastic idea. When I went to school, kids did nothing at lunchtime apart from eat.

"I'm sure a lot of kids, when it comes to making music, want to be doing what their idols are doing. The kids are so young, but they are not only writing songs, they are choreographing dance steps and producing it. It really is incredible."

Music teacher George Georgiou said: "The studio idea was born to offer children more opportunities and encouragement."

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Helen Ward

Helen Ward

Helen Ward is a reporter at Tes

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