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Just go for it

The next round of applications for the NPQH runs from April 25 to May 20, 2005. Places will be confirmed by letter in July, with induction in September for successful applicants. If you need a quick response, email: and include the following information:

* your contact details

* a summary of your situation. State the reason for your request and explain why an application for NPQH has not already been made

* the name of the school and local education authority to which you are applying

* the contact details of the appointing LEA adviser or chair of governors; and

* the date of interview for the headship post.

The NPQH team will reply to confirm whether or not your application will be fast-tracked and, if so, will provide documents and advice about the next step.

Candidates eligible under this fast-track process will still be required to apply to NPQH online between April 25 and May 20 so that the application can go through the standard assessment and moderation procedures.

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