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Just what we need: a new acronym

A warm welcome to the latest acronym in education: the SWDB.

Stuck? Diary is here to help. SWDB stands for School Workforce Development Board, which has been set up by the Teacher Training Agency, or TTA (soon to become the TDA) to oversee the training of support staff.

The new board will include representatives of the DfES, EO, LSC, Ofsted, NCSL, NRT, QCA, TTA and - yes! - WAMG.

We hope this august body will have nothing to do with batty training of the kind enlivening the TES website's online staffroom. Like the session for west London primary teachers who had to move into a huddled circle crumpling newspapers in their hands and singing a rising chorus of "whhhhhhhooooooaaaaaaa" and then, at the climax, were instructed to "tear the paper, tear it, TEAR IT UP NOW!"

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