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Just who is stupid?

When I read that HMI had reported "important improvements" and "significant progress" in the Fife education service after a follow-up inspection, my first thought was: "How stupid can the inspectors be?"

There is a completely different perspective from Fife schools as a result of events in the last couple of years. For instance, money from the Scottish Executive to support McCrone developments was used for other purposes and has not been replaced.

Then, since August there has been a reduction in provision in primary schools as Fife has not employed enough teachers to cater properly for the reduction in class contact hours.

In secondary schools, teacher morale is suffering severely with the introduction of "management restructuring" which cannot be shown to have any educational benefits and is designed purely to cut staffing costs.

Finally, senior management has ballooned with the likes of "quality improvement officers" in charge of areas they know nothing about. Last June, for instance, the QIO at one subject specialist meeting did not even know that the exams for the subject had taken place.

On second thoughts, maybe my question should be: "How stupid do the inspectors think we are?"

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