Keep Crichton campus open

In response to Neil Munro's item on the Crichton campus, "Campus too costly to run" (February 23), it is important to emphasise that a major concern of those campaigning to retain it is that the courses available through Glasgow University will be lost if the university pulls out.

Although the First Minister seems to think the other Crichton institutions can step in to fill the student places left behind by Glasgow, people should be aware that the courses provided through the composite Paisley UniversityBell College do not include the types of courses Glasgow provides.

So any withdrawal by Glasgow will lead to a diminution in education available to the south-west of Scotland which, with little aid from government, has seen a hugely successful development grow in approximately 10 years - a campus now of 900 students.

The 200-250 Glasgow University places must remain. Any contrary move will surely undermine government policy.

Education, education, education?

Robert Higgins senior lecturer, department of educational and professional studies, Strathclyde University

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