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Keith bumps bursar

Strange goings-on at Keith Grammar, we have to report. Having made great claims for the importance of appointing business support managers to ease the administrative load on school management, the Moray school has decided it can carry on without BSM Tim Muir, thank you very much.

Indeed, head John Aitken has reported to councillors that the BSM's duties have been happily transferred to others. Buildings, we hear you ask? Absolutely not: the BSM has had an "input," but most of the responsibility has been borne by the head and jannie.

Major operational systems? Not a chance: "In light of the experience of year one, a number of responsibilities were removed to the remits of other SMT members."

Minor operational systems? Some hope: "After year one, when few of these were carried out by the business support manager, the number on that remit was reduced from 13 to six. However, of these six, only the operation of the vending machines was undertaken by the postholder."

Publications? You must be joking: "Removed from the remit to that of the headteacher."

ICT? Not a job for the faint-hearted: "This item was removed from the remit after year one."

As for events? Certainly not: "The annual thank you cheese and wine, the annual awards ceremony, parents' evenings and parent seminars were largely undertaken by other SMT members."

The conclusion? "All elements of the remit could equally well be carried out by a depute head."

Long live McCrone.

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