Kelvin Omonfomah

Kelvin Omonfomah, 15, is a Year 10 pupil at Kingsdale school and performing arts college in the London borough of Southwark. He is taking six GCSEs, including English, maths and science, and hopes to study psychology after 16 and become a psychologist. He is involved with Youth Act, a citizenship initiative at the school aimed at improving the local community "I work best when we have practical tasks. If you are just sitting down and listening, your mind starts to drift after a while. If there are practical things to do then you feel you are involved, that you are achieving something and not wasting time. Also, when you are given the chance to try something out for yourself then you can see where you are doing well and not doing well.

"I also like the chance to take part in group work. We were studying Macbeth recently and were all given a role in understanding and discussing the play. It meant we could learn from each other. Often people are more comfortable working in smaller groups, and if you feel comfortable you are more likely to learn.

"Obviously it makes a difference if you have a good relationship with your teacher, but in the end it's not whether you like them or not that counts, but how they structure their lessons and whether you can gain interest from that."

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