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Key points of the framework for school nurses

The new framework specifies 26 standards to be used for self-assessment and action planning by the school nursing service, such as:

* Nurses have access to suitable accommodation at their agreed base and within the school environment.

* Nurses have ready access to information and communications technology.

* There is an identified nursing team for each school cluster led by a public health nurse.

* The school nursing service is actively involved in the planning and development of New Community Schools.

* Nurses are accessible to children and their families and able to respond flexibly to their needs.

* Nurses are key members of community child health, school and local health care teams, providing linkages between them.

* Planning and delivery of routine immunisations to schoolchildren are undertaken by nurses.

* There is a strategy to ensure mass immunisation programmes cause minimum disruption to core school nursing.

* Nurses provide advice and support to staff and parents on the administration of medicines.

* There is an identified nursing team to address the needs of children with special needs.

* Nurses contribute to the well-being and protection of schoolchildren.

* Nurses work in partnership with other agencies to meet the needs of vulnerable children.

* Nurses promote positive mental health and well-being.

* Support is focused on the transition periods: nursery to school, primary to secondary, transfers between schools and leaving school.

* Nurses are active partners in health promoting schools. In particular, they promote a positive approach to sexual health and relationships; develop a culture of healthy eating and increased physical activity; plan, deliver and evaluate drug, alcohol and smoking prevention initiatives; and promote positive dental and oral health.

A Scottish Framework for Nursing in Schools, Scottish Executive, March 2003

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