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Key stage 3

SKILLS BASE GEOGRAPHY. By Keith Grimwade and Greg Hart. Hodder amp; Stoughton pound;9.99.

GEOGRAPHY HOMEWORK FOR KEY STAGE 3. By Garrett Nagle. Heinemann Photocopiable pack pound;49.99 + VAT. With CD-Rom pound;79.99 + VAT

Skills Base Geography is extremely good value for money and a very useful addition to any departmental collection. The book concentrates on the skills all geographers need to identify, understand and explain patterns and provides a huge variety of interesting and up-to-date exercises and resources to develop them. These range through simple graphs and atlas exercises to more complex mapping, satellite images and information communication technology exercises. I particularly like the pull-out flaps on the covers that contain seven varied map extracts.

The exercises can be used at all levels through key stage 3 and into GCSE courses. They can also provide the building blocks for coursework.

There are clear and simple instructions and wrd boxes for the technical terms and forming an ideal base for the developing the literacy strategies in geography departments. The book also uses a variety of icons to link topics to the various syllabus themes.

Geography Homework for Key Stage 3 is a ringbound pack that offers an extensive range of differentiated activities for key stage 3, to be used as they stand, or customised from the CD-Rom. The 12 sections are Tectonic processes and landforms, Geomorphology, Weather and Climate, Ecosystems, Population, Settlement, Economic Activities, Development, Environmental Issues, Resources, United Kingdom and China, together with a national curriculum matching chart.

These photocopiable resources can be used as they stand or customised from the CD-Rom. This valuable and time-saving pack provides extra resources to stretch the most able students; case studies to supplement existing work; and activities for students when a teacher is absent.

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