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Key websites

Key stage 12


Promoting enquiry-based learning, the Dragonfly site provides advice for pupils and their teachers as they undertake investigations and offers the chance to interact with experienced researchers. There are opportunities to go beyond the facts and share ideas, ask questions, solve problems and come to appreciate that not every activity will lead to a "right" answer.

Extensive use is made of photos and illustrations, plus a good selection of video and audio files. A forum area is reserved for parents and teachers to discuss the activities. Navigation is easy and content covers many aspects of the curriculum.

The science resources area of the ICTeachers site is conveniently organised into subjects from the QCA scheme: electricity, forces, shadows, plants, habitats, materials and the Earth in space.


Established by the Engineering and Sciences Research Council, the new Noise site aims to raise awareness of science and engineering among teenagers, particularly in ways in which everyday life is affected by science (skateboarding, surfing, global warming and coastal erosion) and also to encourage them to consider a career in science. There are items on travel, sport, fashion, entertainment and environment, including brief biographies of young scientists who could be regarded as role models.


Contemporary science and technology can be explored through this site's links to more than 400 science and technology centres worldwide. The experiments section is for off-line activities. There are web cams from science centres, featuring experimental activities. There are also parent and teacher pages.


Strong on multimedia activities, this site covers various aspects of science, including experimental and investigative science. Downloadable materials include PowerPoint presentations and worksheets. There are also quizzes, graphs, charts, support cards, animations and a movie of the day.

Navigation is easy and the site is well presented.


Science Teacher Stuff is a portal to help teachers benefit from what others have done. Resources such as lesson plans and activities are grouped under the headings Life, Earth, Physical, Space, Environmental and General Science. Being a US site, it includes themes outside our national curriculum, but much is relevant. The site also covers wider aspects of science such as safety, teaching strategies and assessment.


Part of the World Wide Fund for Nature, this site is devoted to primary and secondary resources and offers a range of activities, most of which have an environmental theme, such as water, global interdependence, climate change and sustainable development. Much of the work requires writing and research and has cross-curricular links.

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