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Kick-off for the code of conduct

I AM glad that The TES (September 15) referred to a General Teaching Council "code" of conduct in inverted commas and emphasised that it was a "draft" and "the starting point for discussion".

It has even less authority than that. It is cullings from other professional codes put together by GTC staff as background material. It is not written in the tone of voice or register which I expect GTC members will require.

The GTC Code of Professional Conduct, when it is eentually approved, will be the result of long discussion by council members and wide consultation with teachers - not least through our GTC autumn roadshows and website.

And it will be a public document. For the first time a teacher accused of misconduct will be judged in the light of public criteria and by a professional body.

Professor John Tomlinson

Vice chairman

General Teaching Council for England

344-354 Gray's Inn Road


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