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Matthew, P12, Ronan, P23 and Georgia, P3 talk to Julia Belgutay about their annoying habits

Matthew, P12, Ronan, P23 and Georgia, P3 talk to Julia Belgutay about their annoying habits

Georgia: I pick my nails all the time. It's a habit. My mum says: "Stop it, it's so annoying!" She tries to make me stop by letting me take a bracelet to school and I put it on, and she says: "Whenever you feel like picking your nails, just scratch your bracelet." It's always my best bracelet. It doesn't work at all.

Ronan: I don't have an annoying habit, but my brother does - punching me. Maybe playing Lego all the time is my annoying habit. I'm not allowed to take it anywhere, because I might lose it, because there's tiny pieces. It's Lego Star Wars. I have got lots - I even got my dad's old space Lego.

Georgia: Cool!

Ronan: And I've got the Lego Star Wars Wii game.

Matthew: So have I!

Ronan: I got the new Sports Resort.

Georgia: I've got like four stuff for the Wii.

Matthew: Punching my sister is my annoying habit. Not a lot, but when I punch her, I get really annoyed when I get into trouble. I want to punch her, and once I get into trouble, my mum always sends me upstairs and I have to punch my bed instead.

Georgia: You'd hurt your knuckles if you did that.

Ronan: I know someone who has an annoying habit. My brother keeps saying "shut up" to me.

Georgia: I have a really annoying one. My sister, she has got a very annoying habit - it's chasing after me all the time. I'm the oldest, and it's a pain in the neck. I'm eight years old.

Ronan: What?

Georgia: Eight years old, yes.

Ronan: Oh, save them.

Georgia: Oh, same old, same.

Ronan: My friends keep saying "dash it" all the time. I have no idea what it means. Like when somebody does something, like the easiest sum in the world, like 10 times 10, and he gets it wrong and says 80, and then he says: "Oh, dash it."

Matthew: I've got a habit, because yesterday, when we were getting our photos taken, it was so annoying when this boy kept on saying "Caitlin and Ronan".

Georgia: Oh yeah, he did that, he was like, "Caitlin and Ronan".

Ronan: It's really annoying, and I don't know why he does that. Just be quiet.

Matthew: Yesterday, I was playing Wolverine with my friend, and she was so funny, I kept on laughing. She kept on coming to us and saying "dada" when we were even still playing the game.

Georgia: My best habit is eating loads of food all the time.

Ronan: Watching TV all the time, because I like it.

Matthew: If you watch TV all the time, your eyes will go square.

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