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Luci, Sue Ying and Mohamed, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about the rich countries of the world

Luci, Sue Ying and Mohamed, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about the rich countries of the world

Mohamed: I think the richest country is China. Sue Ying is from China.

Sue Ying: I don't know if it's the richest country. Probably.

Luci: I think maybe the USA, because of Las Vegas.

Mohamed: Rich countries have got tall buildings.

Luci: And they've got fancy clothes on. Fancy clothes are posh clothes, gold jewellery.

Mohamed: Clothes with writing on it or something.

Luci: In rich countries, dogs wear clothes.

Sue Ying: They also have maybe posh theatres.

Mohamed: And the bestest pizza in the world in posh restaurants.

Luci: A golden pizza?

Mohamed: No, the way they make them - big and different sizes and shapes.

Luci: And the crust is really soft on the inside and crispy on the outside and it's so, so yummy. My favourite pizza is cheese and tomato. It's probably the most common one that people eat.

Sue Ying: They have lots of electric things in rich countries.

Luci: And really posh chandeliers. I have a chandelier in my house.

Mohamed: In poor countries, there is dust on the ground.

Luci: There is also dirty water.

Sue Ying: And they have cracks in the walls and not much clothes.

Luci: It's easier to think of poor stuff than to think of rich stuff.

Sue Ying: I know!

Luci: They have no shoes and they eat the same food all the time. Like in Malawi, they always eat porridge. I do like porridge, but I don't like all the kind of porridges.

Mohamed: In the lunch hour, they gave us porridge once and you saw everybody going to the bin.

Luci: No one really liked it. And in Malawi, they have porridge for their breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Mohamed: I think Scotland is sort of medium, 'cos we don't have really fancy stuff and tall buildings.

Luci: But we've got a lot of interesting places in Glasgow and St Mungo is the one who found Glasgow, because of a man called Fergus, I think it was, who told him to go and create Glasgow. We did that for a play last year. I think it's best to live in a medium country, because if you were poor then you'd be wishing you were rich, and if you were rich, then you would be all snobby, so you would.

Mohamed: And all lazy and fat.

Luci: And get servants to do all your stuff for you. But if you were just medium, then you wouldn't care, so you wouldn't. You'd be sorry for the poor people and wished that the rich people would give the poor people lots of money.

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