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Abey, Joseph and Paul, P3, talk to Julia Belgutay about why we get Easter eggs at Easter

Abey, Joseph and Paul, P3, talk to Julia Belgutay about why we get Easter eggs at Easter

Abey: Maybe we get them because for Lent you must have given up chocolate. When you get to Easter you can eat all of it.

Joseph: Because it's spring and every animal has babies, eggs is the best, easiest one to make, so they just make eggs for the nest at Easter. And chocolate. The best thing about Easter is the chocolate.

Paul: I don't get a lot of chocolate. I don't like it that much. I have Kit Kats instead of normal chocolate.

Abey: It's crunchy inside and has chocolate on the outside.

Joseph: Oh, I love crunchy things. Like crunchy chicken.

Abey: I sometimes usually get jelly beans with the Easter eggs. I eat the eggs first.

Joseph: I like Snickers Easter eggs. It has some crunchy nuts in it. Sometimes I like salty things. I like all the junks. And some good fruits, like grapes, and chicken nuggets.

Abey: What about orange?

Joseph: Or beef? That's not a fruit - it's sort of a meat.

Paul: I like all kinds of food.

Abey: I like Easter, because at Easter you can eat chocolate and that, and watch your favourite TV programme. Some people gave up things for Lent. I gave up playing with my favourite toys. My favourite toys are Monster High dolls.

Paul: I like Easter because you get dozens of chocolate.

Joseph: He means millions of Kit Kats. Sometimes at Easter in school we search for eggs, and whoever gets the most eggs wins nearly all the eggs.

Joseph: What about the Easter chicken? It maybe lays some bunny-shaped eggs.

Paul: I know the important thing about Easter. The Easter bunny goes up to God, and sometimes people pray and take the Easter bunny up. And the Easter bunny prays.

Abey: The Easter bunny is white.

Joseph: Just a normal-size bunny. Quite a big one. A bit like children. And hides his eggs everywhere.

Paul: He is fat. One time I chased him. He tried to hide an Easter egg beside my house and I woke up and tried to chase him away. He hides far too much.

Joseph: Paul, can you tell us all about that story?

Paul: First, I woke up in the morning at 5.40. The Easter bunny was just outside my door, laying eggs through my letter box. I just opened the door ... Guess what was out my door?

Abey: What?

Paul: The Easter bunny and mountains of eggs. He went down the stairs and I chased him out the door.

Abey: Did you chase him around the world?

Paul: I chased him with my cookie monster costume on.

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