Kids Talk

Linda, P5, Boushra, P6, and Pascal,P5, tell Julia Belgutay if they could ever have too many sweets

Pascal: It's bad if you have too many sweets, because of your teeth.

Boushra: They go all rotten and black. That's bad because you should have nice clean teeth.

Pascal: It could be a problem for when you speak. I think too many sweets starts when you are being sick. Or maybe not actually being sick, but feeling a bit sick.

Boushra: My favourite sweets are Skittles. There is the new ones called the Skittles Confused ones and they are quite nice.

Linda: I don't actually have a favourite. I like quite a few sweeties.

Pascal: I like Munchies and the confused Skittles as well.

Boushra: I think a whole bag full of sweets is too many. I never ate a whole bag. The most is maybe half a bag, then I stopped because I felt a bit weird.

Pascal: I have sometimes felt a bit sick. But I have never actually felt sick when I have been eating sweets. Once, my sister gave me a piggyback and then dropped me on my head, and then I was sick. Or I get tummy bugs. But I am not really sick of sweets. But I wouldn't want to just eat sweets all day. Sometimes you might want a different taste.

Boushra: Yeah. You might feel sick at the end of the day. You might feel a lot sick.

Pascal: And it's not a good diet. You need proteins as well. Like fish. Or bread.

Boushra: Bread is carbohydrates. My favourite healthy food is broccoli.

Linda: I like tangerines. They are like fruits, and if you eat five different fruit every day, that's good.

Pascal: Some adults have really bad diets, but some are quite good.

Linda: Like smoking.

Pascal: I want to have a healthy diet when I grow up. I learned from my parents.

Boushra: My parents are quite healthy. It's easier to be healthy when your parents are healthy, because if your parents are unhealthy, they would buy all the unhealthy food and you might want to eat it.

Pascal: And then you'd get addicted to smoking and alcohol. Our teachers have biscuits in the staffroom. They have got sweets, cakes, biscuits, juice.

Boushra: Some of them have their own fruits and vegetables. Some, not all of them. And most of the teachers have coffee.

Pascal: Sometimes we go in there, and we see boxes of sweets. Coffee is bad for you because it's got caffeine, and that's bad for your lungs. It does the same as smoking - it makes them go all black and it's hard to breathe.

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