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Jak, Sinead, Sophie and Emma tell Julia Belgutay what they like about their families

Julia Belgutay

Emma: They are funny and kind. My two brothers are funny. One is older and one is younger, and the older one is funnier. I can't remember what the funniest thing is he has done, because he has done so many things. Why am I the only one speaking?

Jak: I kind of like that they like the same films, so we can't argue what films we are going to see at the cinema. We like action films. I am seeing Iron Man 3 today. Pretty much everyone in my family likes those movies.

Sinead: My brothers are funny, too. It's funny that they think they are better than anybody else but then they don't know the answers to things. I have got one younger, one older, as well.

Sophie: My mum can be quite funny. She is the funniest in the house. She acts normal, which is just funny, because it is just so un-normal, but normal. I fight with my mum because we are similar. She annoys me and I annoy her. My mum and I have the same personality.

Jak: My family likes to have parties and things - they are not too shy. They like to be outgoing. The things I do are different, like when they watch TV, I play Xbox. I am most similar to my uncle. Not in personality, but in games.

Sophie: I am like my aunt. We both like shopping. We both do the same kind of things.

Jak: My gran doesn't live in my house, but she likes to go on massive walks and things, and I am more the lazy kind. Sometimes I get to stay inside when she is going for a walk.

Emma: I am the most different to my dad. Like with Jak, my dad likes to go on really long, boring walks and I don't really want to, but I have to go with him. We disagree on, like, everything.

Sophie: I would say my mum is the most different to me, even though we both like shopping and stuff. I like Pot Noodles and she just likes noodles out of the packet.

Sinead: My brothers are the most different to me, 'cos they like stuff like Call of Duty.

Emma: The most annoying thing I have to do at home is clean my room.

Jak: I hate going to bed the most. It is late, but if I am tired I will always wake up again. And then I can't get to sleep.

Sophie: I don't like watching gardening programmes on the TV, like last night. I literally fell asleep.

Emma: I love Harry Potter and I always watch it, but my family really hates it. They get annoyed and tell me to get off the TV.

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Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay is head of FE at Tes

Find me on Twitter @JBelgutay

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