Kids talk

Shaun, Jovan, Martina and Eve, P6, talk to Julia Belgutay about what talent they would present to judges on a TV talent show

Eve: My talent would be singing. I like singing. Not opera, though, I would probably scare all the mice in the land if I tried to sing opera.

Jovan: I have not really got a talent, apart from a musical one, which is playing the recorder.

Eve: I think your talent could be being the person who calculates maths the fastest. You are so good.

Jovan: That might be an option. I am guessing I am good at maths because everyone compliments me on it.

Martina: I would play the piano and sing, too. Jar of Hearts maybe?

Shaun: I don't know what my talent would be.

Jovan: Have you got a pet?

Shaun: No.

Eve: Maybe your talent could be speaking French. One of my friends has got a really good talent of gymnastics.

Shaun: Yeah, she is amazing.

Jovan: My friend goes to guitar lessons, so maybe that could be his talent.

Shaun: I am also quite a good singer. I would go on a talent show, but maybe with someone else.

Eve: I would go with you. We could do a duet.

Martina: I would go as well.

Jovan: I wouldn't. I don't really do much singing acts or anything.

Shaun: If I got bad comments from the judges, I wouldn't swear at them and say "who are you?" and stuff.

Jovan: I also don't take criticism 'cos I am quite sensitive.

Eve: Did you see this really plump man and the skinny girl, and the judges were being really judgemental? That shows that the judges only look at the people who look really nice and only expect them to do well, but when you actually watch, and that man and that woman came on to do opera singing, everyone just completely refreshed their memories. People can be good, no matter what they look like.

Shaun: If one of my friends was going on a talent show, I would try to go and see them.

Eve: With people who aren't good, why doesn't someone tell them that it is just not time to go on a talent show? I would say that.

Shaun: But then they might get hurt. Whether I would tell my friend or not would depend how good a friend I am with them.

Eve: If it was me, what would you say?

Shaun: If it was you or Martina, I would say it as nice as possible, 'cos you are my friends.

Eve: I would be quite thankful if you said that to me. Do you actually think I have a good voice? Do you think I could go on?

Shaun: Even the teacher said you are amazing.

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