Kids Talk

Thomas, Keir and Finn, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about what it means to be green

Finn: Being green is about being eco.

Thomas: And you can use the expression "green finger". Growing a tree is a green thing to do.

Finn: Don't trample on the plants outside.

Keir: Or grow plants.

Thomas: If people plant small trees, don't knock them over.

Keir: The green way to get somewhere is to walk.

Thomas: Or take a bike or a scooter.

Keir: You could take an electric scooter. Or go on roller-skates.

Thomas: How about an eco car?

Keir: Is there not a car that's run by electricity?

Finn: If you really had a green finger, you would have those things on the roof. It's electricity but it gets runned by the sun.

Keir: Living green is good because the earth will be tidier.

Thomas: The environment will be clean.

Finn: If everyone didn't use cars, I probably wouldn't have as much trouble with my asthma.

Keir: And I wouldn't cough from all the smoke out of the cars.

Thomas: I walk to school with my neighbour.

Finn: I can't walk to school because I live quite far away.

Keir: Car steams are not green. And not bothering with the filter in cars.

Thomas: And factories.

Finn: And dropping litter, so then animals eat it.

Thomas: I think adults sometimes like being green, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they put litter down.

Keir: Like neds. I am supposed to say teenagers. They find it hard walking all the way over to a bin when it's at the other end of the school.

Finn: I wouldn't want to walk from here to where the boat is to go to Spain. It's over in England!

Keir: You would walk two days! If I could walk somewhere I would rather walk than drive, because it is better for the environment.

Finn: If it was sunny, I would definitely walk.

Thomas: I would rather go on my bike or my scooter than walk.

Keir: I for some reason mostly play on the Xbox all day, and my mum doesn't like it. She always says, "You have been playing that for too long." So then I go outside.

Finn: I am not sure you are going to survive scout camp. There is no electronics at all.

Keir: No.

Thomas: There is no phones, Keir.

Finn: And you have to cook your own food. I am going to try to be green when I am grown up. I would like to think I would be, but probably not. No one is completely eco.

Keir: I will probably just lie on the sofa and then try and throw a piece of paper in the bin and miss it and think, "I will just get that later." I am always so lazy.

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