Kids Talk

Cara, Scott and Sam, P6, talk to Julia Belgutay about how long the summer holidays should be

Sam: I think the summer holidays should be a bit less long, because I get school sick.

Cara: Me too.

Sam: You go away and you wake up really early in the morning and you think you've got to get ready for school, and then you go downstairs and you realise that it's the holidays.

Cara: You get the fun stuff over and done with in the first three weeks and then you've got all this other time.

Sam: It gets so boring.

Scott: I think they should be longer. When you think about it, you never get a year where you are not at school.

Sam: But if they get longer, it's our education that we are wasting.

Cara: If you think about it, Scott, we have a holiday every month apart from March. Every month in the year, even if it's just a weekend.

Sam: Yeah, it's too many rests. Scott wants more time off school.

Scott: It's just boring.

Cara: Because Scott can't behave in class. I am just telling the truth.

Sam: There is too many rests. We could be learning much more.

Cara: The summer holiday is really only for us to get a break, so if teachers get three weeks off and we get four, because the teachers get a week for their classroom to be done up, that would save two weeks.

Sam: Really, weekends are enough.

Scott: No they are not! Two days! You work five days, six hours a day, and you only get two days off! Think about it!

Sam: It's a hard-knock life for you.

Scott: It is, and I don't get bored during the holidays because I have got my friends living next door, pretty much.

Cara: I think sometimes parents want more time in school so they don't have to take more time off work.

Sam: Parents who work full time and everything. Instead of you being in school, you have to go to clubs and everything. Spaced out, shorter holidays would be better.

Cara: You could have a holiday every month and just have shorter ones.

Sam: I am thinking about high school and tests and everything. You need to get your education to get into university. If we have loads of small holidays, we can practise, instead of this long one where we just forget about everything.

Scott: But that's a good thing, because you then get to do all the work again. So you don't have to do any new work. You just recap it.

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