Kids Talk

Kasia, Jenna and Corey, P4, talk to Julia Belgutay about where outside Scotland they might like to live

Jenna: I was born in England, so I might like to live there.

Kasia: I would like to live in Australia, because I would like to see lots of kangaroos.

Corey: I would go to America, because they have got all sorts of technology Britain doesn't have yet. Like credit-card readers you have on your phone. You walk up to a shop and you just tap. And then it sends money. It would be good to live there because it would be a new experience that people in America are already experiencing. It's good to experience new things.

Jenna: I moved out of England just when I was born, so I want to see it all again. It takes me back to when I was just a little baby.

Kasia: They speak English in all those countries, but I think you would probably learn a new language quite quickly.

Jenna: I think it would be easy to learn Australian because it's kind of like Scottish. Except you have got an Australian accent. I think learning properly different languages would take a really long time.

Corey: I would quite like to live in China. They have a lot of technology, and it would be a different culture and a new experience. I would miss Irn Bru, though.

Kasia: I would miss Loch Ness. It's a really famous place and I would like to go there, but I have never been.

Corey: I maybe wouldn't like to live in some countries in Africa, because they don't have a lot of stuff to do and you have to hunt for clean water.

Kasia: Except there is no clean water.

Corey: Some places there is, where they have Water Aid and that.

Kasia: I wouldn't like to live in Antarctica. The temperatures go below minus 50. It's not easy to make friends in other countries because they might not understand you and they might think you are saying something bad about them.

Jenna: I would miss my friends if I moved.

Corey: I would miss the government, because you get free health services, taxes aren't that expensive if you think about other countries. You get a lot of things, like schooling, currently free. We in Scotland have got the best government in the world.

Kasia: I think I wouldn't like to live in countries like India, because some areas are very poor and you might not have enough money for food.

Corey: I would say Saudi Arabia.

Jenna: I have never heard of that.

Kasia: Neither have I.

Corey: The government is really bad, and the people who live there are spoilt.

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