Kids talk

Cara, Tom and Holly, P3, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite song

Holly: My favourite song is a One Direction song. Kiss You. No, sorry, the new one that's out. I can't remember what it's called. It's good because it's a jumpy song and I like to jump up and down and dance to it. It is about loving girls. Girly things.

Tom: That's not my favourite song. Mine is Gangnam Style.

Cara: Oh, come on!

Holly: I like Gentleman better.

Cara: Is it because it's fun and jumpy?

Tom: Oh aye.

Cara: I have loads of favourite songs.

Holly: Taylor Swift? That's the one you always put on.

Cara: That's true - "never ever getting back together"...

Holly: That's Taylor Swift.

Cara: She writes new songs every single time. There is a new song every single week.

Tom: I thought that was a boy's name.

Cara: Taylor Swift is a girl.

Tom: OK.

Holly: A good song has to be nice and catchy.

Tom: Yes, that's the same as me. You have to want to listen to it all the time.

Cara: And there is music everywhere now. And it's fun and you get to move about. And you get to hear your favourite song all the time and you love it.

Holly: Sometimes on TV, you get to watch the actual video. I like slow songs. Do you know the One Direction one? The one slow one? My dad really likes it.

Tom: I don't like slow songs.

Holly: Gangnam Style is really cheesy to me, but Gentleman isn't.

Tom: It's not cheesy to me.

Cara: A cheesy song is one that is really girly.

Tom: I listen to music a lot. Mostly on my iPad.

Holly: I listen to it everywhere.

Cara: I listen to every song I could possibly sing. I hate boy songs.

Tom: I hate girls' songs. Like One Direction.

Cara: I hate Gangnam Style and Gentleman. They are too boyish.

Holly: I also hate songs for babies.

Tom: Like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. I like some of the music my parents listen to.

Cara: I don't. It's too slow, too boyish - and it's just like "yeah, yeah".

Holly: My parents listen to music on the iPad and speakers in your wall, and it's beating through my head because it's that loud. I just hate it. And they put on some song I hate, and I have to cover my ears. Sometimes I have to run into my room.

Tom: My dad likes Gangnam Style and Gentleman.

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