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Rachel, Mariama and Jack, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about the perfect summer holiday

Rachel, Mariama and Jack, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about the perfect summer holiday

Jack: A perfect summer holiday is loads of time to play.

Mariama: Staying in bed all the time.

Rachel: Going on holiday.

Jack: I want to go to America.

Mariama: Yeah, me too. I am going to my country in West Africa for one month, and then I am coming back again. We have seven weeks' holiday. My favourite thing to do over the holiday is watch the telly, something like Dr Who. Or go swimming, even though I don't know how to swim. I know how to swim really properly under the water.

Jack: I don't have roller blades, but I would really love to go to the skating park and do amazing stunts.

Rachel: Just take your bike. Or your skateboard, or scooter. I am going to the skate park. I really love seeing my dad - he lives in Copenhagen. We go to the beach and then go to Tivoli Gardens.

Mariama: The weather needs to be lovely and warm. The problem on my holiday is it's going to be the rainy season. It is still going to be warm, so I have to get this sun cream that is 50 and over. Really, 50 and over.

Jack: Maybe you could go sky gazing?

Mariama: Sky what?

Rachel: Sky gazing, when you look at the stars and stuff.

Jack: And you make pictures - like "ooh, there is a dinosaur".

Mariama: In my perfect holiday, I would love to go to America, to Texas. My mum's little sister lives in Texas.

Jack: I wouldn't mind going back to Aberdeen.

Mariama: I prefer London. It's a really big city.

Jack: Yeah, Big Ben. I know there is a Big Ben in London, but I wonder if there is a Mini Ben?

Rachel: I think the worst holiday would be to be here the whole time.

Jack: And spend the whole time in the house.

Rachel: And I hate the rain, it is so bad.

Jack: I go to SYT (Scottish Youth Theatre) during the holidays, and all my friends go to SYT, so I get to see them, and it's drama and dance and all that.

Mariama: I love drama.

Jack: (Puts on a funny voice) Hello, Lady, how would you like a biscuit?

Mariama: I don't get to see my friends because I am on holiday, but sometimes I see Rachel.

Rachel: Me?

Mariama: Yeah, because we live in tenements and we live next to each other.

Jack: I am so busy over the holidays that I don't notice when I don't see my friends.

Mariama: Yeah, plus my mum says I have to read when I am in my country, because we have the Muslim culture so we have to read the Koran. That is not fair, because it's going to be a holiday. My mum told me that in Africa, they get three months' holiday.

Rachel: Wow, that is so good.

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