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Alison, Hadyn and Lucy, S4, tell Julia Belgutay what young people should and shouldn't wear

Alison, Hadyn and Lucy, S4, tell Julia Belgutay what young people should and shouldn't wear

Lucy: I don't mean this badly, but if there's a fat girl and she is walking around in bra and knickers, everyone is going to be like "behave".

Hadyn: If they have a nice figure and they have a really short skirt on, their body makes it much better.

Lucy: If you put a really, really skinny girl into baggy trousers, she would look weird, but if you put her in a short, tight skirt, she would look normal.

Hadyn: If they've got the body for it and it's not too slutty, it's OK. If their boobs are pure hanging out, that's too slutty.

Lucy: If you end up with your bra showing.

Hadyn: Or if you end up constantly having to fix everything.

Alison: I permanently have two buttons on my shirt undone. Lucy has like seven!

Lucy: I don't like things being near my neck, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Hadyn: It's personality as well. If you wear it and you are just normal, that's fine.

Lucy: If you have really big boobs and they're like hanging out, then that's kind of horrible, but if you are dead flat-chested, you can't see nothing anyway, because there's nothing there.

Alison: What really annoys me is when girls wear a really short skirt and they don't remember to bend down properly.

Hadyn: There isn't really inappropriate clothing for guys.

Lucy: Everything guys wear is kinda like covery-uppy.

Hadyn: Some people complain that sometimes I wear my jeans too low, but I wouldn't say that's inappropriate, that's just personal choice.

Lucy: If a girl is walking around with her bum hanging out of her trousers, you would be like "oh my God".

Hadyn: She would be called a slut.

Lucy: Because she was showing her knickers off, but for guys it's just normal, because nothing really happens with a guy's bum. Hadyn shows his boxers off - he is like, "look, I've got nice boxers on".

Alison: He does it all the time.

Lucy: And we're like "look Hadyn, I've got frilly bits on my knickers this time", having knickers conversations. It's fun. My gran is always like "Lucy, pull your skirt down, pull your shirt up". They were brought up in a different time though; it's normal for us. When you're watching MTV, there is Rihanna walking around in a bikini. And the skirts in the shops are all really short, so you can't really blame them for having a short skirt.

Alison: My dad thinks my prom dress is too short, and it's like to my knees.

Lucy: For their standards, we do dress like whores. In school, girls will come in with their skirt under their boobs.

Alison: That's me!

Hadyn: But then you have first years who are trying to look older.

Alison: All of them are wearing leggings and stuff, and little tight shorts.

Hadyn: When they're like Primary 7 or first-years, it's kinda sick. When they become a teenager, I think it's OK because like .

Lucy: We all do it.

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