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Liam, Kirsten and Jack, S3, talk to Julia Belgutay about how long the summer holidays should be, and if they are looking forward to the start of term

Liam, Kirsten and Jack, S3, talk to Julia Belgutay about how long the summer holidays should be, and if they are looking forward to the start of term

Jack: The length probably right now is fine. I think it's long enough - I get a bit bored towards the end. But I don't think they should be shorter, because everyone looks forward to the summer holidays! After Christmas, what else have you got to look forward to?

Kirsten: I would say they could be a wee bit longer. Coming in on the Monday afterwards, that would be better, because you always want to do stuff and you don't have enough time - they just seem like they fly in. Most of your friends go on holiday, so when they come back, you can go out and talk to them.

Jack: I'm not really bothered, but sometimes I feel like it's either a bit too short or a bit too long, because you either feel a bit bored or you don't feel a bit bored.

Kirsten: I go to a wee club and you go to different wee places and stuff. But sometimes, you miss quite a lot of that if you go on holiday, so you could make up for that by extra days.

Liam: I just go out with my friends when they are here. The holidays should be longer, because the last days just go by so fast!

Jack: I sort of look forward to school starting, because I see all my friends that I don't see during the summer holidays that I am not that close with, but that I am close with in school. It's good to see them.

Liam: You need to go shopping with your mum and stuff at the end of the holidays to get your sizes, and you just go round all the shops for this shirt you can't get and it always takes a wee while.

Jack: I quite enjoy that. You usually go in for something to eat, like a McDonalds or something. You might get something else if you beg your mum, so that's quite good, and it's quite good to get a new uniform because you don't want to come back to school with big holes all over your jumpers and stuff. Seeing the teachers is what I look forward to the least. Some of the teachers, they just need to relax themselves, they think the whole school is plotting against them. They are paranoid! They walk backwards!

Liam: And there are thousands of kids I don't look forward to seeing.

Jack: It's really awkward when you run into your teachers during the holidays. Especially if it's a really scary teacher with his wife or something.

Liam: I met my biology teacher in Tesco's with his wife, and they were holding hands and stuff, and I was just like "Ok, then". You expect them to just be doing school stuff, not having a good time.

Jack: When you are a kid, you thought the teachers slept in school, just in a classroom. They pressed a button, and tables turned into beds and stuff.

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